Dear St. John’s,

It is with great joy that I announce splendid news to our Parish.

Bishop Riscylla Shaw has appointed the Reverend Lucia Lloyd as Incumbent of St. John’s. Please join me, and your wardens, in congratulating Lucia in her new position! You may email her at

Reverend Lucia’s appointment to our church on May 1, 2019, was as Priest-in-Charge for two years. During the past month, the Bishop has held meetings with Reverend Lucia, and also with your wardens, to discuss the next step of Lucia becoming our Incumbent, a position that has no end date. I am delighted to say that everyone has been in agreement, and Reverend Lucia has accepted her new appointment from Bishop Shaw.

I am truly thankful that Reverend Lucia has accepted this position of Incumbent. Her meaningful ministry has been inspiring to me and to my family. I have seen how Lucia’s ministry has encouraged many others in our church, how she has kept our parish together during the pandemic, and how she desires to make Jesus known to those around her.

Please pray for Reverend Lucia:
Heavenly Father, we thank you for bringing your daughter Lucia to St. John’s. We thank you for your love for her, and for her love for all of us. Protect, guide and care for Lucia all her days, and inspire her ministry according to your will. Help her to know that you walk beside her with each and every step she takes. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

I look forward to experiencing how God will lead us throughout Reverend Lucia’s ministry this year and in the future.


3 thoughts on “Splendid News About Rev. Lucia!

  1. Elspeth Theriault says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to hear this news. Lucia is a blessing to us all and am so happy that God has placed her to lead us.

  2. Excellent news for our congregation! We are delighted that Lucia will continue to be with us at St. John’s. She has brought us her great gifts and we are very happy she will be staying.

    The Passmore Family

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