It has been a joy to meet the new people coming to St. John’s even during the pandemic!  
We will be starting a 9-week Inquirer’s Class entitled What Do Anglicans Believe?  This class is designed for 
  1. People who are new to St. John’s, as a way to welcome you and explore together what Anglicans believe and why
  2. Adults and teenagers who would like to explore whether they want to be Confirmed, and adults who would like to explore whether they want Baptism for themselves or their children.  
  3. Long-term members of the congregation as a way to refresh and deepen our own understanding of our faith, and as a way to get to know other parishioners, both new and long-term, in a way that goes beyond small talk.  
The discussions will be based on the Outline of the Faith, which is attached.
The classes will begin after Easter, the week of April 24th, and will go until the week of June 19th.  During the nine weeks, we will have two groups, one group that meets in person and one group that meets on zoom.  You can choose which one you attend.  
If you are interested in attending, please reply to me to let me know whether you prefer the in-person group or the zoom group.  I will get in touch with the people who reply and we will figure out which time and which day of the week is best for the people who are interested.  
I am looking forward to these conversations about our faith and the ways we grow in awareness of God’s love for us, and the ways we grow in love for God and our neighbours.
Grace and peace,