Dear St. John’s,

Canon Susan and Rev. Carol had a wonderful idea which I am delighted to invite you to:

Susan Sheen and Carol Langley have found joining Dean Robert’s morning prayer at Canterbury Cathedral ( both interesting and inspiring during our months of pandemic disruptions. More than 10,000 people around the world join him on Zoom every day. This is what the Dean calls ‘his garden congregation’. Dean Robert’s morning prayer service includes a reflection on scripture, and prayer in the context of what has happened and is happening in history. We’d like to invite you, too, to watch one or more of the Dean’s delightful services, and then join Susan and Carol for an informal Zoom chat once a week to share what inspired or cheered you. If you are interested, please contact Carol or Susan. Let us know what day/time of day is good for you to gather on Zoom and then we will choose a day and a time that suits most people. Blessings, Carol

Here’s where you can find it on the website.
When you get to

 scroll down to the “Worship” section, 

then click on “Online worship, including Morning Prayer”
then click on “Morning Prayer with Dean Robert”. 
You can go to the website each day on your own, or click on the option “to receive notifications when new videos are available please subscribe to our YouTube channel”
Grace and peace,