Our intern Paige is staying longer!

I am very excited to share some wonderful news about Paige!   Her six-month internship with us at St. John’s was scheduled for January 5th to June 19th, and during that time she has become such a well-loved part of our faith community and our ministries that I’ve heard several parishioners say, “I wish we could keep you longer!” which is exactly how I’ve been feeling myself.  
We have just received the wonderful news that Paige’s request to stay with us longer has been approved!  She will be staying until the diocesan committee meets in September, and we are hopeful that at that meeting they will approve her staying until May 2023, when she and the rest of her cohort are scheduled to be ordained as transitional deacons, and a year later as priests.  
Paige will be taking a month of vacation after June 19th, during which she will be taking a camping trip and travelling in Scandinavia.  When she returns on July 31st, we will refer to her as our postulant, which is the word for the people who are in the final two years of preparation for ordination.  
I thank God for Paige, and that she will stay with us for more learning, growth, and ministry in this wonderful faith community of St. John’s. 
If you would like to send a message to Paige, you can do so at the address above.
Grace and peace,